Our Objective

Opendata.education aims to consolidate and simplify access to open data in the education sector of the UK and is maintained by ZiNET Data Solutions Limited.

5 Star Linked Open Data

Opendata.education is a 5 star linked open data resource because:

  1. All our data is made available on the web using an open license.
  2. All our data is made available in structured machine-readable formats (i.e. XML and JSON).
  3. All our data is made available in non-proprietary open formats (i.e. XML and JSON) and uses the SIF UK 2.0 Data Model to formalize the structure of that data.
  4. URIs denote each of our data objects, i.e. in the format https://api.opendata.education/rest/sif/requests/{objectName}/{refid}, allowing our data to be linked to.
  5. Where possible we provide links to external data, such as Office of National Statistics and police.uk. If you know of a resource we can link to (or a data set worth including) please get in touch with us via @OpenDataEdu.

Linked Data Badges sourced under the CC-BY 3.0 license.