Please be aware that this site is under development and the API, data and RefId/Guid identifiers are subject ot change. Changes will be identified in the project's Change Log.

Data Sources

Data Quality

The data we publish is collected at reasonable intervals as described in the above table, and allowing for cache expiry should be live within 24 hours of update.
If you identify any inaccuracies please first check if the issue is present in the appropriate raw data set identified in the above table. If the issue is in the raw data then please contact the appropriate authority to have it corrected. If it is not, then log the issue on our issue tracker

Data Availability

This service is available on an as-is basis and dependant on the ongoing release of data from the respective sources described above. This service is maintained by ZiNET Data Solutions Limited, any contributions to its upkeep are welcome.

Data About Individuals

All data published through has been obtained from freely and publicly available government sources released under the Open Government License (version 3). However, this data includes personal data in the form of individuals names, such as head teachers and governors, which is listed as an exemption in the OGL3. This raises privacy concerns about the current licensing of the data that we are discussing with appropriate parties, including the ODI and the original data provider (i.e. Edubase). This statement will be updated as the discussion evolves.

Edit: We have recieved the legal status of this data from the people at Edubase. We will be publishing a Privacy Impact Assessment in the near future to clarify under what grounds this information is published.

Rate Limiting

Requests for unauthenticated requests are limited to up to 20 per minute, with 5 minute decay. Exceeding this will result in a HTTP 429: Too Many Requests error.

Requests for authenticated requests are limited to up to 60 per minute, with 1 minute decay. Exceeding this will result in a HTTP 429: Too Many Requests error.

Data Download

Exports of our data in XML format are available for download; they are regenerated daily. A machine-readable list of successful, and all exports from the last 7 days are provided in RSS format.

Additionally, a machine readable version of this page is available in JSON format.

Issues or Comments?

Let us know what you think on twitter (@opendataedu) or on our issue tracker.